Selection Desk

All HR professionals know how difficult it is to organise applicants and applications. Some will send their CV by post, some electronically or by fax... All in different formats and sizes. Sometimes, it's a significant challenge to handle them in an organised manner. An adequate overview of applicants and their handling is an essential part of the recruitment process. The Selection Desk is a web-based tool created by CV Market to organise your Job Ads, applicants and applications.
Convenient, simple and powerful!

With the selection desk you can:
Automate saving CVs received in respose to Job Ads

View, print and sort CVs

Invite suitable applicants to interview

Send (prepared) decline letters to selected or all applicants

Save interesting CVs for further use

All applications will be automatically categorised and archived. On the Selection Desk you can, in addition to the above, mass e-mail all applicants and distribute all applicants' CVs to colleagues for rating - your colleagues only need tick a box at the Selection desk to add a comment to a CV. CVs may be accorded three levels: 1) suitable, 2) may be suitable, and 3) unsuitable. Each CV will be given an average rating which will be calculated on the basis of all the ratings by different evaluators.

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The Selection Desk is a powerful tool for organising recruitment. Because of its significant importance, it is included in all CV Market employer services.

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